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Kanika Vasudeva My Inner Strengths 1 2 About Me

Hi, I’m Kanika. I’m really pleased to welcome you to my blog. This blog is my desire to help myself and others around me create beautiful, happy and abundant lives.


Ahem!! Ok. Can you please explain a bit more? What do you mean that you are creating more beautiful, happy and abundant lives?

Sounds big, I know. I’m not saying that I know-it-all, far from it. I’m actually learning along the way, via my own life journey, through various courses, and with you all.

There are various useful techniques for living a happier and more fulfilling life that we can all benefit from. For example, we can use the Law of Attraction to manifest anything we desire, we can forgive and relieve ourselves of past pain, we can meditate to channel higher awareness into our lives, etc.

These are all easy to apply techniques that we can start practicing at any point in our lives to deal with issues that bother us. None of these have any side effects, except that they will truly bring a deep change in you and consequently in others around you.

So these are some tools and methods that should be known to all of us. In this blog, I want to share all that I know (and that I will learn in the coming times), so that we can all evolve and become more upgraded versions of ourselves.

Alright, I see. But why should I listen to you when there are so many other established speakers on similar subjects out there?

Well, you don’t have to. By all means, please follow your heart, wherever it takes you.

When I was starting on my spiritual journey, I realized that I wasn’t alone in a lot of the issues I was experiencing.

We all deal with some form of self-belief, relationship, money issues, etc. It’s just different flavors. Someone might have more of relationship issues and another might have repeated patterns of finance issues. As we go through life, we all form our own strategies for dealing with stuff.

Because of my unique circumstances, I was propelled to rise up to a high vibration level fairly quickly. I had no choice but to progress quickly. But this gives me a great advantage. When I write my posts, the memory of my yesterdays is still crystal clear to me. So I write from that fresh perspective, remembering what I did then to move on to the brighter now. 

My aim with this blog is to help everyone make their life better. It doesn’t matter if they have been trying to change some habits for a decade or if they’ve just started. I want to explain as best as I can, every little step so that we can all advance forward. After all, this whole journey is little steps, turning into massive steps.


That’s interesting. I’m curious. What are the unique circumstances that made you level up quickly?

It’s not something really pleasant to talk about. But I guess I’ve come to terms with it.

At the time when I was getting on this journey, I was a mum to a toddler and I had a second one in my belly. We were expecting our little baby girl to arrive soon and all preparations were in progress

But that was not to be. One month before my due date, I woke up not feeling any movements in my tummy. And just like that, we had lost our beautiful darling daughter, Ayana.

The next few days involved giving birth to our precious little angel, seeing her for the first time, watching her lovely little face sleeping, holding her fragile body and then bidding her goodbye. I don’t know how we did it.

We got all the support and love in the world, but this still wasn’t easy. Nothing, just nothing, gave me any peace, except meditation. It was during meditation that I sought answers to questions that most deeply bugged me, such as, was Ayana ok after leaving her body, how do I cope with the loss, etc.

Slowly, this whole episode started me on a higher path. It was like learning to walk. I started a journey of stopping my negative chatter and being peaceful at most times, regardless of life. I learned to have more meaning in my life. Oh, so many things. I think I should write a post on this one day.


Oh dear! I’m at loss for words.

Yeah, I understand that. I was lost too for quite some time.

It’s said that children don’t come into our lives so we teach them, instead they come to teach us. I consider Ayana to be my biggest teacher of all.

She has been the front and center of my spiritual quest. With her leaving her physical body, I had a much stronger reason to find peace, to reconnect with my spiritual self, my purest form.

This meant listening to lots of lots of videos, completing various self-development programs, reading tons of spiritual books, and continuing to learn every day.

I’m glad to say that I have been able to find peace and that I smile and enjoy my life every day. Of course, I have my ups and downs, but I am on my path, I have the tools, and I can generally be happy and kicking, just as I was born to be.


That’s reassuring…

I really hope it is. I’ve shared a very personal journey with you to say that life hasn’t always been hunky-dory for me. I understand pain, I understand depression, I understand feeling alone, maybe not in the exact way you feel sometimes, but I can definitely relate to it.

And I know how to get out of all the pain and sadness.

That’s why I want to help relieve it, for anybody that I possibly can. I want to help you live a better life and be truly, internally, blissfully happy.

As I share materials here, I hope these will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me. I’d love to connect with you and to grow together with you to a higher spiritual level.


Love this! Thanks so much. I look forward to reading more.

Please do. And please leave a comment. That’ll be a big boost and then I can make sure I’m sharing stuff that inspires you 🙂