The Law Of Attraction, And How You Can Use It To Create Your Own Reality

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You might laugh, but I wasn’t aware of the Law of Attraction for a very long time, and I truly mean a very very long time.

Even after I’d watched the movie, The Secret, and I’d heard Oprah speak about it a zillion times…

I still didn’t think of myself as the creator of my world!!!

I thought that it was probably working for the people in the movie, or for some other ‘different’ people in the world, but surely, it wasn’t working for me, I wasn’t creating my life.

You’re asking why? Well, because this is such a big deal, the Law of Attraction!

How could I have such enormous powers of attracting whatever I wanted and still not be aware of it for so long?

If I was creating, then why was I not living a dream life, with a dream career, lots of money, and the most loving friends and family?

And somehow, very strangely, I was also wondering why I must believe in the Law of Attraction if I’d not believed in it thus far?

I’m serious. I’m not making this up. That’s literally what my thought pattern was.

I wasn’t believing in the Law of Attraction worked for me because somewhere deep inside I was afraid to recognize that I was powerful beyond my wildest dreams. I was afraid to recognize that I created all my experiences through my thoughts and that I was creating all the time.

Now if think of it this way, the Law of Attraction is a tremendous superpower, isn’t it? And such a huge responsibility too. So I can understand why I felt overwhelmed and very skeptical. However, I really wasn’t doing myself any favors by not believing in the universal Law of Attraction.

Because the level of my belief didn’t matter…

The Law of Attraction is working everywhere all the time, whether I believe it or not, whether I am conscious of it or not, whether I like it or not.

It’s obviously better to understand it and use it towards our advantage.

So now that you know my story, maybe you won’t be like me. Perhaps you’ll be quicker in conquering your fears, and in truly believing in your superpower.


What is the Law of Attraction?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you already have some understanding of the Law of Attraction.

In the simplest terms, it means that we create our own reality. It means that all our experiences come around via our thoughts, through whatever we focus our attention upon.


Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction seems so pseudoscience that you might be wondering if there is any basis to it. You’re not alone. I have been a non-believer for so long that my scientific mind had to figure out a logical explanation. So here’s my viewpoint on it.


1) We are all in a constant state of vibration.

Let’s start with the understanding that all of us, big or small, are in a constant state of vibration. All the stars and planets in outer space, the trees and oceans, birds and animals, our houses and cars and any other stuff, the tiniest particles, even our thoughts, and feelings, are all in a constant state of vibration.

If our brain were to transmit all of this constant motion state to us, it would become really complicated. So when translating ‘reality’ to us, the information is simplified. We believe that the chair we’re sitting on is solid and still. In truth, the chair has millions of subatomic particles vibrating, running and popping around with energy.

There is a vibrational nature of everything around us. If you quiet your mind and meditate, you can feel energy running inside you and around you.

It’s a scientific fact that we are all vibrating at some frequency all the time, our thoughts and feelings are vibrating at some frequency too.


2) Like attracts like vibrations.

So now that we’ve established that every object, every thought, every feeling has a particular frequency at which it is vibrating, let’s move on to the next bit.

Vibrations of a similar frequency are drawn together. A droplet will easily merge with another droplet of water because they are both at the same frequency. But water won’t mix with oil because they don’t have the same vibrational match.

High-frequency objects/thoughts attract other high-frequency objects/thoughts, and likewise for low-frequency objects/thoughts.

High-frequency feelings will attract more of such high-frequency experiences.

Low frequency feelings will attract more of such low frequency experiences.



3) Stay in a state of high vibration to attract high-frequency experiences.

Let’s do a quick recap of the first two points.

  1. We are all in a constant state of vibration.
  2. Vibrations of similar frequency are drawn together.

So basically, by the frequency of our vibration, we are attracting other experiences of similar frequency. And that is the Law of Attraction.

We all have the ability to change our vibration. So we can most certainly change the conditions of our lives by changing ourselves.


How To Apply The Law of Attraction?

Now that we understand this universal powerful law, we can definitely use it to create the life of our dreams. The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You should stay in high spirits to attract more and more of life’s goodness your way.


1) It’s your mind that creates your reality.

You would have noticed that your friends who have good luck are usually in a positive state of mind. They think of the glass as half full instead of half empty. They are always sending out positive vibes so they are always attracting positive experiences into their life.

Stay conscious of the thoughts that you think and your beliefs. Your thoughts create your reality.


2) Adjust your vibration to change your reality.

You might not attract what you crave. You might not attract what you need. You might not attract what you truly deserve…

You attract that which you are in vibrational harmony with.

Often, we try to solve our issues by trying to manipulate our outside world. We see the problems outside ourselves and try to correct the problems in people around us.

However, once we begin to understand the Law of Attraction, we’ll begin to see that we attract our conditions. Stop playing the blame game.

I love this story by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

A woman goes to see a psychologist. She blames her mum for all of her habits and life issues. Every time the psychologist asked the woman to change something in herself, she would go refer back to how her mum was the source of all her problems.

Finally, after three visits, the psychologist says that she should get her mum to see him because clearly, fixing her mum would fix her problems!


If you are running away from one bad relationship to another, it won’t solve the problem, because you’re still taking yourself along.


No amount of physical manipulation will create the world that you wish to see unless you change on the inside and raise your vibration.


3) You Do Not Have to Figure it All Out.

Once you become more adept at staying in a higher vibration, and by that I mean that you stay happy, loving and open, just the way you were born, you’ll see that your life will start flowing easily as if on auto-pilot. Some magical hand will be aligning you to the right places and the right people at just the right time.

And that’s simply the Law of Attraction working for you.

All places, people and ideas have their own vibe. When you stay high-vibe, your energy will take you to your matching high-vibe places, people and ideas automatically.

Your whole life journey will evolve and you’ll find that all things you desire – career, love, money – will be bigger and better than your state of being. How wonderful!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 

Hmm, are you on board with the Law of Attraction?

How do you like to stay high-vibe? Please share some of your manifesting stories.

I’ll be doing a post on real stories in a short while, and I promise to give you credit 🙂

With love,


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3 years ago

I don’t know that this is true. What makes it a law?

3 years ago

You attract what you are. In order to change your reality you have to live it…you have to be what you want to attract.

3 years ago

yes , with vibration , believes and intentions we create ! Every now moment

3 years ago

I think LoA is just about priming yourself to be susceptible to confirmation bias. The mechanisms behind it (“vibrations” in this writers case) seem to be totally made up nonsense, and the techniques or practices behind LoA, like constant affirmations, are just ways to trick yourself into ignoring the “misses” and making the “hits” seem extra significant.

3 years ago

I feel it is a real thing to an extent but there is only one way to truly master it which many people will hardly be able to do at this time… to become a true master. However I would like to share an experience: I have witnessed this occur 2-3 times in absolute astounding fashion by only 1 individual I know. I would go to his house sometimes to hang out, he had sort of a bar set up in his garage. Sometimes many different friends and we would converse. I’m hardly a drinker but I enjoy this person’s… Read more »

3 years ago

This is a good primer on the law of attraction! You got the basics down pretty well- thought and emotion determine vibration which then causes events in our lives to mirror that vibration. Changing your thoughts and emotions will change your vibration, very true! You Also got down that one needs to take personal responsibility for themselves, their behaviour, and their inner state. Very true! Just doing that alone will vastly improve most people’s lives! However, there is an aspect to this equation you may not be aware of yet: Humans need darkness and negativity, low vibrations, just as much… Read more »

3 years ago

It’s got some truth but there are limits and it’s not the highest truth.

For example it does not have an adequate use for suffering and tries to eliminate suffering which is futile on this earth.

You also can’t get someone to love you against their will.

3 years ago

Is it the LOA if I consciously surround myself with weak minded people, so that I can control them to be in alignment with getting what I desire?

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